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Finding UX job is frustrating.

Finding an entry level UX job is even harder.

If you feel isolated and lack support in your jobseeker journey we can provide you support with mentors, coaches, hiring managers and recruiters.

Together, we're paving the way for collaborative growth and forging strong relationships among Berlin’s UX ecosystem by partnering with UX mentors, education companies and most importantly, founders and hiring mangers to create more entry level jobs.

With our ever-expanding network, we’re curating workshops to help stand out in your next job application.

Access to 10+ mentors

Mentorship program funded by the Employment Agency

Supportive & engaging community of 320+ members

Yashvir Chawla

Product Designer, Employed.world founder

Employed.world Founder

2024 goal = Help 100 UX Job seekers by supporting companies to hire them efficiently

Employed.world is an ambition project of its founder, Yashvir. He was inspired to work on this problem after understanding the depth of the issue while researching on his Master thesis about the impact of digital tools and training on global unemployment.

Akshata Parate

Marketing Expert, Ex-Meta & Ex-Backmarket

Head of Marketing

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