Daniel Solbach

UX Designer, Lecturer at HTW Berlin

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Are you working on a project that has a positive impact on education, science, the environment, or economic development?
Let's connect! With 15 years of experience, I specialize in creating exceptional user experiences and compelling copywriting solutions. My expertise lies in seamlessly integrating content design, UX research, and copywriting to deliver impactful results. I'm passionate about creating better learning experiences for students, promoting sustainable products and technologies, and empowering marginalized communities. I also work as a part-time adjunct professor at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW), teaching UX design and continuously expanding my network in higher education.

So how can I help you?
I am dedicated to improving conversions to achieve your desired outcomes such as higher engagement rates, greater community involvement, higher sign-up rates, and increased product sales by ...
-Understanding stakeholder (management) goals through workshops
-Identifying your users' needs and pain points through user interviews and user research
-Defining your target audiences and customer/user benefits
-Converting user benefits into concise UX writing and messaging to improve conversion
-Conducting content audits
-Helping you design your (new) content
-Fine-tuning your user flows, Information Architecture and UX writing for better conversion
-Designing intuitive user interfaces (wireframes and prototypes)
-Researching and testing your users' needs
-Minimizing the number of potential user errors
-Optimizing user journeys
-Increasing the efficiency of UX-Research projects through AI/LLMs


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