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David Montenegro is a seasoned Business and Career Coach with over four years of experience, specializing in empowering individuals to harness their internal resources and achieve their goals. Based in Berlin, Germany, David has provided personalized coaching to more than 15 clients, developing core skills such as active listening, maintaining a non-judgmental attitude, and asking powerful questions.

With a rich background in mentoring creatives, David has guided professionals in refining their portfolios for job market entry or career transitions. His expertise extends to organizing and hosting events that foster effective networking and collaboration among creatives.

David’s diverse experience includes roles as an editor, where he coordinated freelancers and optimized sales strategies for self-published projects, and as a product designer and workshop facilitator at klimazone Labs, where he contributed to enhancing indoor farming production through strategic climate patterns.

David is passionate about helping mentees discover their career focus and achieve their professional aspirations. He is excited to support and guide you on your journey to success.


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